D.A.W.G. is the Dog Advisory Work Group, a unique coalition of dog guardians and non-dog guardians, individuals and groups, private and public organizations, working together to help communities improve the overall coexistence of dogs, dog guardians and non-dog guardians. We celebrate and wish to add to the work of others.

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The name “D.A.W.G.” is a trademark of the Dog Advisory Work Group. D.A.W.G. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations to D.A.W.G. are exempt from federal income tax as allowed by law. D.A.W.G. is also registered and doing business as (dba) Safe Humane Chicago. Consequently, donations to Safe Humane Chicago are exempt from federal income tax to the extent allowed by law.

D.A.W.G. began as a committee of Lincoln Central Association (a neighborhood association in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois) in May 1999. With the participation of Wrightwood Neighbors’ “Wiggly Field” Advisory Committee, it became a non-profit corporation in the State of Illinois in April 2000. In 2008 D.A.W.G. began doing business as Safe Humane Chicago.

In addition to the activities associated with our committees, D.A.W.G. maintains ongoing communication and supplies information to community groups and to government agencies and representatives.


The links on this website are intended to provide and solicit information. We welcome your input and participation.

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