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We need your help in court. For more information about Court Advocacy and our meetings, check out the Advocacy tab or Calendar or email courtadvocacy@dawgsite.org. For more information about Safe Humane Chicago, check out www.safehumanechicago.org.

D.A.W.G. co-founded Safe Humane Chicago. Read a one-page summary and an overview of this community-wide campaign. For more information or to get involved, email info@dawgsite.org. Read about the Safe Humane Lifetime Bonds pittie puppy class at www.nbcchicago.com: search for "program helps pit bulls".

Dangerous dogs, dog aggression, and victims of dog attacks: D.A.W.G. applauds those who seek effective remedies for irresponsible dog owners, criminals, dangerous dogs, roaming dogs, and victims of dog attacks; incentives and rewards for responsible guardianship and effective, fair controls; opportunities for educating people and training dogs; and affordable resources for responsible guardians. We offer our help and connection to our network of experts. We do not advise or support breed-specific legislation, including measures that target the current "popular" choice for weapons or protection, so-called "pit bulls" (whatever the bloodlines). Dog breeds are not the key to a solution to canine aggression and safe neighborhoods. Solutions include informed pet selection, responsible owner behavior & education, monitored dog behavior & health, extensive public education, and effective public-private partnerships.

D.A.W.G. is a coalition of people who do and do not have dogs. We are dedicated to sharing public spaces wisely; and we encourage and support public safety and education. Be sure to check our meetings section for scheduled events and committee meetings.

Connection and Information

  • D.A.W.G. is unique: a coalition of people who have dogs and people who do not D.A.W.G. is a network of people and resources D.A.W.G. is about community process D.A.W.G. is about educating people and sharing public spaces wisely
  • D.A.W.G. has committees and working groups to meet community needs